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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"To live our mission and to be available."

© Imelda Maurer, cdp

Today, a message-worth-sharing from another of my professional listservs, this one from LeadingAge, the national organization representing not-for-profit aging services communities.

The thread of this message was a request from an HR Director for information about policy and/or a job description for weekend Managers on Duty. (The person who is in charge on weekends when the administrator and other Department Directors are not present.)

There were several responses including some job descriptions and some narratives about what 'weekend managers' are expected to do and how they report that.  There was really very helpful information from several aging services communities.. However, the response that really touched home with me was one from Melissa Angelo. Melissa is the Human Resources person for Villa St Joseph, Baden PA.  This public, licensed nursing home is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden. Melissa ended her narrative of expectations for Managers on Duty with this sentence:

"There is no specific job description but this requirement is embedded within each manager's own job description.  We are like good-will ambassadors doing what it takes to live our mission and be available!"

Everything we do: every policy written and implemented, and every operational practice  in our communities should be viewed through the lens of of 'living our mission'.  Way to go, Melissa! The Villa - residents and staff - is blessed to have you there!

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