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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Who is Responsible for Furthering the Mission?

© Imelda Maurer, cdp
Several years ago I participated in a marvelous workshop entitled “Choreography of Culture Change”. One of the questions I brought with me was the role of  Human Resources in this whole marvelous shift of culture.  I think I didn’t know how to pose my concerns well, but concerns I had, because I saw in a particular Sisters’ nursing home community that HR was hiring persons that met HR’s paper qualifications period. In my estimation the consequences were chaotic oftentimes for both other staff and the residents. And of course turnover in more than one department was a major problem.
There is a new HR Director in that aging services community now and she wrote about how she sees her job. I share it with her permission:
“I look forward to partnering with you as we move forward together to further our Mission and Vision. Please know that I am here to serve all of the Sisters and employees. My main focus is to foster a work environment that embraces our core values which ultimately will create the pleasant home environment that all the Sisters deserve.”
With this focus, this HR Director will, I know, be evaluating potential employees on much more than academic, professional, certification or licensure requirements. She will be looking for candidates who are capable of and desirous of fostering “a work environment that embraces our core values”.  And in creating that “pleasant home environment”, employees will also be working in a happier, more contented, more professional environment.  THAT’s Culture Change!
Who’s responsible for furthering the mission? Everyone who walks through the door of the community. And HR is a vital link in enabling that to happen!


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